Welcome at Rotaract – District 1920

Rotaract was founded in 1968 as a branch of Rotary International in the USA and is a club for young people aged 18 and over.

The goal of Rotaract is to acquire knowledge and skills that help develop personality, respond to concrete and social needs in the community, and cultivate global relationships through friendship and service.

What does Rotaract mean?

  • The development of critical skills and a sense of responsibility, professional skills, leadership qualities and high ethical principles
  • International contacts in the service of peace
  • Meaningful leisure activities, fostering friendship and group activities for the community


There are 10,700 Rotaract clubs in 180 countries on every continent, with the 1920 District home to eight Rotaract clubs. A Rotaract district committee has been set up as a service and steering committee, which is made up of a representative from each Rotaract club.

Each Rotaract club has its own statutes based on the Evanston Constitution, is independent and follows Rotary principles. The Rotaract clubs are run by the D.R.R. (Districts-Rotaract-Representative), who is elected by the Rotaract District Committee. An assistant governor has been appointed as a direct link to the district governor. This role is performed by a member of Rotaract.

Each club is dedicated to those in need of support and social projects. The club meets regularly for meetings with interesting speakers. Sporting events, cultural excursions, excursions, trips, seminars, festivals and parties are organized. The Rotaractors welcome Rotarians and anyone who wants to get to know them.